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Book Trailers

BOOK TRAILERS Ad GreenMarket Your Book and Author in a 3-5-Minute, Social Media-Friendly Video!

"The video has made book sales explode!  I'm being booked on talk shows, and Costco just picked it up!  I'm so glad I did this, you should too!"    - Nicholas O'Connell, Author, "The Storms of Denali" 

"I was amazed at how Michael completely got me and created the perfect book trailer for my novel.  His huge library of videos, stills and music gave the video the exact punch it needed!"      - J.D. Rader, Author, "Breaking News: A Novel"

"There isn't enough that an author can do to promote his or her book. Every book that comes out today has to have a book trailer.  It has to be relevant, it has to grab people's attention.  I highly recommend Michael and M.J. to help you make this book trailer, and to help make your dreams comes true."     - Peter Miller, "The Literary Lion," Intellectual Property Manager, 1,000+ books sold, 150+ movie deals

Authors need to market their books in order to make sales soar.  A key marketing tool that you can use in press releases, emails, newsletters, websites and webinars is the Book Trailer.

* One-day shoot/two-day edit with 11-time Emmy Award-winning network  producer/editor Michael Harris. 

* Professional media training by veteran on-air personality M.J. McDermott.

* Proven track record of success.

* Never more than $2,000.


Our Creative Team

michael harrisMichael Harris /  Eleven-time Emmy Award-winning contributing network producer/video journalist and filmmaker Michael Harris creates some of the most imaginative television coming out of the Pacific Northwest. His 25 years of industry experience as a multi-disciplined "One-Man Band" (writer/director/producer/ photographer/editor/on-air talent) for such clients as ABC News, CBS News, VH-1/MTV, Yahoo! Digital Media Bureau and others makes him uniquely positioned to create compelling, network-quality presentations with extremely small budgets.


 mj mcdermottM.J. McDermott /  M.J. McDermott is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster with 20+ years of experience as an actor, producer, on-air talent and meteorologist. She is currently the Meteorologist on Q13 FOX News This Morning, doing four hours of live TV every weekday. M.J. has a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Maryland and has coached actors, broadcasters, writers and singers for work on the stage and in the media. She enjoys helping people relax and find their "true voice," rather than some artificial, "announcer-like" sound. There's probably no more qualified coach in the region to bring out the best performance from even the most inexperienced subjects.